Do you have a retirement plan? Every year, my wife, Rachel, and I meet with this guy and he says,

“Based off of your current trends, you have a ____ percent chance of your money outliving you…”

If you are like most people, besides wanting a proactive retirement plan, you also have a deep desire for something else. You want your life to have mattered, to have made a difference.

What if, in addition to retirement plans, we each had a “Reach People Plan”? Maybe a “Reach People Advisor”? I don’t know that they exist, but wouldn’t that be great?!

I picture the first meeting going something like this:

“So what are you trying to do? What’s on your heart? What has God entrusted to you and how might He want you to invest it? How many people do you want to impact before you leave this world?”

There are many good answers to that last question, but my favorite is what Paul would say, “As many as possible” (1 Cor. 9:19).

Do you have a Reach People plan?

OneWay Founder Michael Thompson talks about Reaching People at a Christmas event called The Greatest Gift.

Can I quietly and humbly ask you a question? Are you satisfied with how it’s going?

On this web site is an invitation. It’s an invitation to make a difference in life. A plan. And, frankly, I think it’s a good one. It’s a tangible, high-yield opportunity for all of us to take practical action to invest earthly treasures for eternal ones.

Soon, we’ll all be gone. Soon, we’ll all retire from here. So whether through OneWay or other great opportunities God brings our way, may we truly not bury our talents (Matt. 25). Let’s slow down and ask God to help us all invest and multiply in ways that last forever.

Let’s Reach People.