Political unrest.

Violence and tragedies.

It’s easy to watch the news and feel overwhelmed by the world’s needs – and wonder what we can do. 

And it’s easy to question: Can something as simple and non-tangible as prayer really make a difference? 

Maybe these words will bolster your confidence: 

“I strongly suspect that if we saw all the difference even the tiniest of our prayers make, and all the people those little prayers were destined to affect, and all the consequences of those prayers down through the centuries–we would be so paralyzed with awe at the power of prayer that we would be unable to get up off our knees for the rest of our lives.” -Peter Kreeft

What does prayer look like for you? Is it something that you do before a meal? Or perhaps prayer feels like empty words bouncing off the ceiling. Does the sheer magnitude of the world’s problems crowd out any hope that one person’s prayer can make a difference? 

Yes, the world’s problems are staggering. Yet, Scripture commands that we pray continually (1 Thess. 5:17). But why? One reason is this: when God’s people pray, He moves.

Chris Ruge, director of OneWay’s Prayercast ministry, explains it this way. “God, in His sovereignty, has chosen to use fallen humans as catalysts for Him to move His all-powerful hand. He has ordained that our requests can and do play an initiating role in His taking action.” 

And one of the greatest things we can pray for in any situation is the salvation of the lost. That is, after all, every person’s greatest need.

“There are more than 5 billion people in the world who don’t even profess to have a relationship with Jesus,” remarked Ruge. “Over 2 billion have never even heard the Gospel.”

Did you know that in less than 5 minutes a day, you can touch every person on earth in 2020 through informed, specific prayer? 

Our Prayercast team has compiled a 42-week prayer plan featuring our free, compelling videos that highlight every country in the world. 

In minutes a day, between now and December 1, you or your family could put to use one of the most underutilized tools God ever gave us: prayer. 

No more feeling helpless.

No more feeling like you can’t make a difference.

Because you can.

What if you used the first five minutes of your phone, tablet or computer time each day touching lives around the world by simply watching a video and praying along?

Take up the shield of faith, believing that God meant it when He said, “Ask of me, and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession.” Ps. 2:8

A lost world awaits our prayers.

If you are taking this Pray Around the World 2020 challenge, email us to let us know.