Imagine that you’ve never heard the gospel. You don’t own a Bible in your language, and even if you did, you wouldn’t be able to read it.

Then someone hands you a hand-held audio player that speaks your language. For the first time, you hear that there is a God who created the world, and He wants to know you. You hear about His Son, Jesus, and how He died to save you. And you hear songs and testimonies by your fellow tribesmen, sharing how they came to know this Jesus.

You can’t stop listening. And your heart starts to change.

With the help of friends like you, OneWay has developed and distributed the BiblePlus+ audio player in five unreached languages in northern Ghana since 2013, with one more language in the works.

Stories of this tool’s amazing impact could fill a book. Here is a glimpse:

  • A teenage boy started five BiblePlus+ listening groups in four different villages.
  • A wife started playing the BiblePlus+ at home, and her once-resistant husband yielded to Christ.
  • “It is really working. Glory to God,” shared a OneWay Africa team member last week. “For the first time in my mission journey, I have seen Dagomba men and women giving their lives to Christ and accepting baptism. Glorrrrry.”

And now, through our Reach People Initiative, together we can reach thousands more through BiblePlus+ and other exciting initiatives.

For example, a gift of $25 can provide five SD cards loaded with the BiblePlus+ for mobile phones. And a gift of $50 can provide a solar-powered unit that reaches an average of 10 people.

Would you consider a joyful gift of $25 or $50 to the Reach People Initiative today to reach people in Africa and other parts of the world with the awesome news of Jesus?


By His grace, God has used OneWay volunteers Pete and Beth Beckman (IL) to play a major role in the development of the BiblePlus+ tool.

With the tremendous help of the OneWay Africa team (who arrange for local voices to record Scriptures, songs, testimonies, and more), the Beckmans have used their technical skills to facilitate hours upon hours of BiblePlus+ recordings.

We encourage you to check out their award-winning-level blog about their recent trip to Ghana, filled with stunning stories and photos.

Praise God that we are well over halfway to reaching our $4 million goal for the Reach People Initiative.

Whether you have supported OneWay in the past or you want to give for the first time, we invite you to joyfully join us in reaching people with a gift of $25, $50 or more. Click here to help reach people with the good news of Jesus Christ!