Reach People Media

Daniel L. of OneWay Studios

There has never been a greater opportunity to unite the global Body of Christ in worship and gospel advancement. Together, we will use the arts and technology of our day to provide the Church with an unprecedented media resource.

Prayercast Started It

OneWay began this pursuit in 2008 by creating a one-of-its-kind resource: Through free, compelling videos that highlight the needs of the nations, the site has literally equipped millions to unite together in world-changing prayer. Partnering with over 5,000 content providers to create over 300 resources to date, Prayercast launched our strategic use of mass media for the spread of the gospel.

Mission Network News Continued It

Acquired by OneWay in 2016, Mission Network News is the leading Great Commission news service, reaching over one million radio and internet users each week with stories of God at work in the world. Prayercast helps to get people praying. Mission Network News helps to get them praying at the speed of news.

ReachPeople Media Brings It All Together

Building off of our growing international network and our passion for media and the arts, we believe God is moving us toward the much greater goal of being a substantial provider of the global Church’s Great Commission media, including:

  • daily news
  • dynamic prayer videos
  • biblical teaching
  • stories and testimonies from around the world
  • powerful worship songs
  • engaging Scripture readings set to music and a host of Scripture songs
  • information on who is doing what in the world and how to get involved

All of this will come together in ReachPeople Media, an extensive online hub that includes a web site, app and podcast. The goal is simple: rally the Church to exalt Christ and advance His gospel to the multitudes.