Reach People

Initiative Goal: $4 million by April 2020

A Word From the President

Guess what? God is truly awesome, and He is still in the business of doing jaw-dropping works through His Church.

Through the partnership of many of you, God has led OneWay into a season of unprecedented impact and growth.

This growth has led to a dramatic increase in opportunities, and also presented some problems. A ministry center that once seemed huge is now too small to support the growing work.

To solve this problem and dramatically increase our reach, the OneWay board unanimously voted on a $4 million campaign that we are calling The Reach People Initiative.

We praise God for already providing over half of the total need!

The $4 million is needed to impact the eternities of millions of people. Those investing into this campaign will:

RESCUE: reach multitudes of unreached people for Christ by boosting nationally-led movements

RALLY: through media, mobilize millions of everyday believers to reach the lost

REVOLUTIONIZE: unleash the potential of a growing, next-generation organization by establishing a new Ministry Center from which gospel-advancing ministry flows.

No matter how you cut it, one of the most critical pieces in moving the gospel forward is funding. We invite you to invest in this work. By God’s grace, we believe your gift will result in…get this…impacting the eternities of multitudes. Wow!

For the joy of reaching people with you,

Michael Thompson

Founder and President OneWay Ministries

Reach People Status:

$4 million goal by April 2020

  • Progress 55% 55%