One in four people on this planet call themselves Muslim. Jesus loves them all.

And He is at work in unprecedented ways in the Muslim world. It is estimated that in the last 10-15 years, more have come to faith than in the last 14 centuries of Islam combined. There continues to be increased openness, especially as a result of the chaos many Muslims see in extremism.

That is why we believe He is stirring people like us to unite, resource and lead the Church in prevailing prayer.

Through the Reach People Initiative, we will provide the Body of Christ with the world’s most comprehensive and compelling praise and prayer media resource on behalf of the Muslim world. Over 130 new videos featuring Islamic nations and special topics, as well as amazing testimonies, will inspire millions around the world to cry out for the world’s nearly 2 billion followers of Islam.

And that’s just the beginning. Together, we will trust God for a broad, seven-fold Kingdom impact:


  • Spiritual change: A historic shift of tectonic plates in the spiritual realm
  • Awareness: Growing awareness and compassion for Muslims
  • More prayer: Increased prayer efforts by individuals, churches, organizations, media outlets, etc.
  • More workers: Greater mobilization of field workers
  • More giving: Increased Great Commission giving
  • Loving witness: More Muslims engaged evangelistically, with many resources featuring MBB testimonies, etc.
  • Muslims saved: Ultimately, that Jesus would be glorified as Muslims joyfully turn to Him as God and Savior


NOTE: Love Muslims was launched in May 2019. New videos continue to roll out regularly as we close in on our goal of 130 new media resources. In the first month alone, we saw 123,000 views in 192 countries.