OneWay’s first home for our dream to reach multitudes was a 600 sq. ft basement. Yet as our vision and impact grew, so did our need for space.

God blew us away in 2010 by providing an incredible 7,000 square-foot facility that exponentially expanded our ministry capacity. Finally, there was room for staff, interns, volunteers, media studios and even large gatherings. Finally, we had a place from which to support the growing missions and media ministries touching lives around the globe.

Almost ten years later, we are at another crossroads. Our ministry capacity is being limited by inadequate office and multipurpose space as God brings more workers and volunteers to the team. 

In 2019, the board of OneWay decided to place our current facility on the market as we searched and prayed for a new home. God provided by bringing a buyer who offered near asking price, as well as the generous allowance for us to stay in the facility for up to 10 months as we search for a new home. Praise the Lord!

With that, our attention has turned to the urgent and essential task of finding our next home. We are asking God and His people to help position us to make a purchase when the right new home becomes available. 


Our Current Facility

  • 7,000+ sq. feet
  • Office space for approx. 25 staff and volunteers
  • Conference room, nursery area and small kitchen


  • Three custom soundproof rooms for media production


  • Large meeting area used for flexible workspace, meetings or events

Our Future Home: 

  • 15,000+ sq. feet
  • Expanded office space to accommodate up to 60 staff & volunteers
  • Expanded studio space for media production
  • Conference room and team meeting spaces
  • Multipurpose space for interns, volunteers, and special events
  • Nursery space for children of part-time staff and volunteers
  • Kitchen to facilitate staff lunches and special events